Write on Wednesdays

I discovered this on the  inkpaperpen blog. I’ve not done this exercise before, but I like the idea of being given a prompt and writing about something or in a genre you may not normally choose.

The rules of the writing exercise are pretty straightforward. Put the prompt at the top of your page, set a timer for 5 minutes and write. When the buzzer buzzes, put down your pens, ladies and gentlemen, that’s time.

This week’s prompt is brought to us by Allison Tait, freelance writer, aspiring novelist and romance writer. She can be found over at Life in a Pink Fibro.

The prompt is taken from Stephanie Laurens latest novel, The Untamed Bride.

Episode One

‘I can’t stress how important it is that we behead this fiend.’

‘He’s no fiend. Just misunderstood.’

‘Cecilia, you have always been too generous in your appraisal of the Viscomte de St. Laurent’s treachery.’

The Duc towered over Cecilia, his foot on the back of the Viccomte’s neck. His sword poised, ready to strike the fatal blow.

The Viscomte spoke in strangled tones, ‘My good Sir, Mamoiselle de la Sarkozy is quite right. You have misunderstood – ‘

‘That’s enough, Monsieur. There will be no closing arguments for the defence. The rabble will not have the satisfaction of hearing your elegant words.’

Cecilia threw herself at the Duc. And even though she knew she should be pleading for the life of the Viscomte, she couldn’t help but notice the tautness of the Duc’s chest under his silky shirt that, like his dark wavy hair was sweat-dampened from the exertions of his fight.

Episode Two

‘I can’t stress how important it is that we behead this fiend.’

‘You’ve got to stop watching The Tudors, Leah.’

‘Yeah, yeah, okay, Vanessa. But Henry Cavill is soo gorgeous.’

‘We’re not here to talk about Henry Cavill. We’re here to plot and scheme revenge on your dickhead boyfriend,’ Vanessa snapped at her friend.

‘He’s not such a dickhead,’ said Leah sipping her too-hot latte.

Not such a dickhead? He slept with his personal trainer.’

‘Just the once,’ Leah pouted over her latte.

‘That you know of.’

‘I quite fancy my Personal Trainer, you know. He’s got that same dark-haired hotness as Henry Cavill, those arms, his abs. Do you think he’d ignore my lack of abs?’ Asked Leah.

‘Unlikely. But I’m thinking of something more public.’

‘Sex on the park bench. We were just doing press-ups and then he couldn’t keep his hands off me.’ Leah didn’t notice the large blob of chocolate brownie on her chin.

‘What exactly are you on? No it’s got to be a Youtube, Facebook kinda thing.’

‘Or I could burn his collection of Zoo Magazine.’


14 thoughts on “Write on Wednesdays

  1. I loved both episodes. Episode 1 had the traditional seething bosom/hard manly physique thing happening and Episode 2 sounded like it would end up with some interesting scenes later in the story. 🙂

    Welcome to Write on Wednesday, by the way. I’m finding it very encouraging to visit all the blogs and read what everyone writes each week. It’s amazing how diverse the responses are to a common writing prompt. I look forward to reading your post again next week.

    • Thank-you. I agree – it’s amazing to see the different directions people head off in with the one prompt. I’m looking forward to incorporating The Write on Wednesdays into my writing practice.
      J x

  2. I think you have got two great writing pieces here. Your first line in the second one made me laugh! I know a few people addicted to The Tudors. And the facebook/you tube thing – the modern revenge and ultimate humiliation. Your first piece really painted a picture, his sweat dampened hair – how will Cecilia resist?!

    Lovely to have you joining in with Write On Wednesday. I will look forward to reading more from you x

    • Ah, poor Cecilia, I think she’s destined not to resist! And as for The Tudors – drawing on personal experience. Love it.
      Really glad you enjoyed them, will look forward to next week.
      J x

  3. I particularly like your second one. I’m always sucked in when I hear of a heroine putting up with bad men. Makes me so mad! I wanted revenge!
    Hope you join in next week, this was fun. 🙂

  4. I like both the episodes. Just two pieces in one go! Fantastic. Hope to read more of your writing next week.

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