The Seed Cathedral

The Seed Cathedral

There are some examples of architecture which are not just practical buildings designed as a working or living space, but are objects of extraordinary beauty and creativity. The Seed Cathedral is one of those stunning designs that blends beauty, imagination and engineering to become a unique space that is testament to our ability to turn the mundane into the sublime.

The Seed Cathedral

The Seed Cathedral was built as the UK Pavillion for the Shanghai Expo, 2010, by the Thomas Heatherwick Studios. It showcases the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and their Millenium Seedbank. The Building is constructed from 60,000 transparent 7.5 metre long optical strands, each one with a seed embedded in its tip. Its silent interior is illuminated by daylight filtered through each optical hair.

'From little things, big things grow'

As writers, we gather a wordbank, collecting words, drawing on known words, creating words and then we seek to illuminate them with our own idiosyncratic view of the world. We pull together thousands of sometimes very ordinary and mundane words in the hope of creating a piece of beauty, a piece that might inspire or move the reader. Every piece we write is a ‘Word Cathedral’ or perhaps not so grand, maybe a chapel, a parish church, but each piece is embedded with our individuality and our ideas.

Images courtesy of Thomas Heatherwick Studios


One thought on “The Seed Cathedral

  1. A pleasure to see this beautiful building, housing such an important collection too. Oh, my writing is much more mundane than that! But so delighted to see it, and to think of the words of others.

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