‘Rest in Piece’

There’s a park in my neighbourhood that has recently become the home to a piece of street art. The drab walls of this little used, dark and damp space have been given a facelift. And i quite like it. It’s not going to find a home at the MCA, but it’s certainly a lot better than the depressing brownish-grey brickwork.

I’m not sure if ‘Piece” is a spelling mistake or some kind of intentional, ironic statement about youth culture that has gone straight over my head. Let’s hope it’s the latter. And I don’t know if it’s ‘legal’ and approved. But I think we should give more of our abandoned urban walls over to street art. Even if they don’t match The Last Supper in terms of a quality fresco, the more we encourage art into our environment, the less elitist and precious it will seem.


4 thoughts on “‘Rest in Piece’

  1. I agree on the artwork Jennifer. Our Council is pretty liberal on putting it everywhere. It certainly spruces the place up and give the budding young artists with spray cans something to do, legally.

    (I agree on the Oxfam comment. My sister gave my kids a goat each last year, on their behalf, to a third world country. Think that was Oxfam.)

    Anne xx

  2. They are so incredibly talented. I’d love to see more of this in a few spaces where I live. It would definitely brighten things up a bit. Hmmm, I wonder if the word “piece” has gone over my head too! Who knows with these young people today!! 😉

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