Riding The Teahupoo

For a girl who has never set a sandy foot on a waxed surfboard, I have a strange compulsion for watching surf footage.I am utterly in awe of the power of the sea, the beauty of the curling wave before it forms a barrel and the swirl of white water engulfing itself. And as for the men and women who ride these big waves? I think they’re nuts, but I am also envious of their fearlessness and would love , for just a brief instant, to feel the rush of taking off down the face of such an enormous body of water.

Shot at Teahupoo (pronounced cho-po) in Tahiti, this is the world’s heaviest wave and if you want to know more, you can read about it here.

We’ve had some big swells this summer, but compared to this, they’re ripples in a duck pond..


One thought on “Riding The Teahupoo

  1. I wanted to surf when I was younger and also tried windsurfing.
    But by the time I had moved from the childhood farm (3 hrs from the sea) to the coast it was a bit too late for me to get my weak muscles to do what they were supposed to… and I didn’t stick at it.
    I married a surfer boy, I’m sure he’ll teach the kids.

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