The Beauty of a True Masterchef

For all of you missing Masterchef, a little teaser, an ‘amuse bouche’. This is only a short film, but it shows Peter Gilmore creating  & talking about a dish inspired by snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. Gilmore is owner and chef of Quay, Australia’s top restaurant and voted in the world’s top 50 restaurants last year.

I was really taken with the use of the tweezers, the surgical precision used to create something of such temporary beauty and pleasure.

I celebrated my wedding anniversary here a couple of years ago and enjoyed a gorgeous lunch on a sparkling Sydney Spring day, overlooking the Opera House and Circular Quay .I still remember the warm, friendly service and the small details that created dishes that were delightful to look at as they were tenderly placed in front of us onto the crisp linen table clothes and the melt in your mouth, exquisiteness of the delicate flavours. A perfect lunch.

It comes courtesy of, one of my favourite websites for art, fashion and the fusion of beauty and ideas.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of a True Masterchef

  1. Truly beautiful Jennifer. I’ve always appreciated the skills of a talented chef, as much as I have my grandmother. Both have the skill and passion for putting food on a plate for our absolute enjoyment. Gilmore is definitely one of Australia’s finest. I’m a lover of the masterchefs of the UK and Europe. Did you experience many Michelin starred restaurants when you were over there? Always been a dream of mine.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

    • Hi Anne, I’m so ghlad you enjoyed the short movie. I didn’t go to many Michelin starred restaurants when I was in the UK – young kids etc, but I did go to Raymond Blanc’s Les Quatre Saisons and a place on the river at Bray, whose name escapes me – it was a long time ago! Both were wonderful, but the food was richer, heavier and basically French, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think we’re very lucky in Australia to have the influence of the lighter Asian cuisines, esp Thai & Vietnamese. But as for Quay, if you’re down in Sydney, it’s so worth splashing out & lunch is far more affordable than dinner!

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