Write on Wednesday – Alex Miller Inspiration

This week I have a very special guest staying with me – Write on Wednesday.

I’ve been a Write on Wednesday regular for sometime now, and I’m very happy to be helping Gill out this week. If, you’ve stumbled by here and have no idea what Write on Wednesday is, or why I’m writing about it on a Monday, WOW is an online writing group. A weekly creativity fix that allows writers to share their words and receive support, encouragement and feedback from other writers. Some writers have ongoing pieces and characters they’ve been working on, others use the weekly prompts to flex and exercise their creative muscle.

WOW is normally at Gill’s blog, inkpaperpen, but for a couple of weeks, it’s on a roadtrip while Gill takes some R & R.

Alex Miller's 10th novel, Autumn Laing

I’m reading Autumn Laing by Alex Miller, two-time winner of Australia’s premier literary prize, The Miles Franklin award. He writes beautifully, intelligently and with wit and like all good storytellers he understands how to keep the reader reading.

Last night I was just placing my bookmark into the crease of the page but my eyes flicked across a sentence that immediately kept me reading. I was very tired after a busy weekend, and sleep was beckoning, flirting, but couldn’t compete with the seductiveness of a sentence that had me reading for another half an hour.

‘Something of great importance to me happened two nights ago.’

Really? I asked myself, and of course I had to know. So today’s prompt is this sentence from Alex Miller. I think it’s a great opener, but if you want to incorporate into  your piece, that’s fine too.  Set your timer for 5 minutes or write about 500 words. If you’re looking for specific feedback, please let us know. Otherwise – enjoy the writing.

I’m so sorry – I’ve been ‘Adding’ a new collection when I should have been ‘Creating’! Hope this all works now. I’m so not into blog technology!!




10 thoughts on “Write on Wednesday – Alex Miller Inspiration

  1. thanks Jennifer, I WILL post this week, having been distracted with a houseful of overseas relatives for a month, and prior to that, doing Creative Writing 1 through the Sydney Writer’s centre. I love the prompt, great springboard!

    • Still working on this Jennifer – it’s not flowing for me this week which is no reflection on the prompt but rather just the way things are at the moment. Thanks again for hosting 🙂

  2. This was a challenging prompt for me — but I suppose this is what helps one become a better writer. I hope I have managed to capture the emotion of a life-changing moment and the guilt of making someone you love leave their dreams behind for the sake of one of your own dreams, but somehow I doubt it. Still, thanks for the prompt and for hosting WOW this week!

    / Rain

  3. Hi…I have been missing in action for a few weeks…I am trying to locate where Write on Wednesday currently is….Is the week beginning the 26th of Marc’s prompt’ …‘Something of great importance to me happened two nights ago.’? I feel lost without WoW…Please help!!
    Catch up with a Mate xx

    • That was the prompt for the week starting on march 19. This week there hasn’t been any WOW, as far as I can tell. I miss it too, but Gill deserves the break and I’m sure she’ll be back soon with great prompts for us. =)


      / Rain

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