Sculpture by the Sea 2011

Not so many words today, but lots of images to celebrate the 15th year of Sculpture by the Sea, one of my favourite Sydney events. It’s held along the clifftop top walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches, (one of my¬†writing with a view a spots). This year, not only did I enjoy the artworks, but had the pleasure of watching some whales cruising southward, heading back home after their breeding season up north.

I definitely recommend a visit to this fabulous exhibition, but go early in the morning for fewer crowds and wonderful light and beware the local joggers who seem very indignant about having to share their path.

Here’s a selection of the 109 sculptures on display.

Heavenly Kiss - Ayad Alqaragholli

cover the rainbow - Hyoung Kwon Kim

Together in Balance - R.M. Gomboc

Who Left The Tap Running? - Simon McGrath


Ammonite 2006 - Bert Flugelman AM

memory - Tomas Misura

wind stone - earth and sky - Koichi Ishino

bowl II - Michael Snape

quiescence - Matthew Harding

I have been dreaming to be a tree - Byeong Doo Moon

the library - James McCallum

angaston organic - May Barrie

the ruin - Marcus Tatton

ship of fools - Deborah Halpern

heads up - Steve Croquett

ioka - Senden Blackwood

moebius in space planet - Keizo Ushio

the predators in the park - Belinda Villani

moon's siesta - Ayako Saito

The Morning After, Tamarama

Sunday Morning, Tamarama