Jennifer is a Sydney-based writer. Her first novel, The Wardrobe Girl was published in March 2014 by Random House Australia.

Jennifer spent many years working in the film and TV industry, including five years on the iconic Australian TV drama, Home and Away. Jennifer has also worked on shows for Foxtel, SBS, American telemovies and Mission Impossible 2.

Jennifer was born in the NSW country town of Blayney, but grew up in Sydney. She was educated at Pymble Ladies College and Sydney University.

Jennifer spent 11 years living in London, where her oldest 2 daughters were born, before returning to Australia. Jennifer now lives in Balmain with her husband and third and youngest daughter.


A Sampler is a collection of my thoughts on life, writing and stuff that takes my fancy. Filling the Well is a bric-a-brac stall of inspiration, ideas or anything really that caught my eye and started me thinking. Or maybe I liked something and wanted to share it. Objects of Beauty is just that, an image, words or music that has moved me and reminded me of the beauty and grace there is around us. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Jen, I’m so pleased about Random and what you called your chic lit – chic lit indeed! The bits I’ve heard were beautifully written and hilariously funny. May see you at draft-busters on the 4th. We should break out the champagne. Luv and congratulations Ric and Lyn

    • Dear Lyn & Ric,
      I haven’t been here for so long, please forgive this very tardy reply. What a beautiful note, thank you. Hope to see you both soon. The Wardrobe Girl – as it’s now called, will be released in march. Hope you’re around, I’d love to see you at the launch! Jx

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