A lazy long weekend post

I’ve had a big week of rewriting and editing and my brain is feeling a bit mushy today. So instead of me being original and creative, I thought I’d share a couple of videos that are original and creative. They are from two of my favourite online sites, nowness.com and TED.com. It’s going to be a wet long weekend here in Sydney and passing some time with these amazing web sites is always rewarding.

The first video appealed because I am a doodler. Any work of mine is covered in doodles. I doodle when I’m thinking, on the phone, bored, stuck, in fact just about anytime I have a pen in my hand and piece of paper nearby. In this 5 minute talk, Sunni Brown defends the humble doodle and links it to creativity. Yes! My doodling is finally vindicated.

The second is a stunning piece featuring the strength, athleticism and beauty of female tennis players. It’s beautifully photographed and the slow motion effect enhances the Amazonian qualities of these women.


Sorry about the hideous logo!


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